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We help national and international companies that seek to optimize their logistics and Supply Chain operations.


Our main objective is to advise different companies, national and international, in the optimization and better implementation of their logistics operations. The consultancy has a strong analytical and deep research component, guaranteeing professionalism in the recommendations provided.


About us

My name is Ignacio Suberbie Duclosson, I have a degree in International Business (Universidad Católica del Uruguay) and Msc. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Kühne Logistics University).

After years incorporating knowledge in international transport, logistics infrastructures and legal regimes (eg: Free Zones, Port and Free Airport), I decided to found Analytika with the aim of providing consulting services to companies that develop along the logistics chains.

Quienes Somos

Our services

Who can benefit from our services?

International companies seeking to optimize their regional supplies.

Companies that seek to implement the best logistics practices for their Industry.

Companies that seek to optimize their supply / access to a specific market.

Companies that plan to start a new domestic or international distribution business.


The gateway to Latin America

Uruguay allows access to a market of more than 400 million people and is chosen by the world's companies to develop their businesses in the region.

It accumulates 68% of the GDP of Latin America and represents a foreign trade flow of almost 74% of the total of Latin America.

Uruguay XXI

Infrastructures and legal regimes available



* Specific sources / data for each point see: INALOG , Uruguay XXI

Why invest in Uruguay?

Why invest in Uruguay?

¿Por qué Uruguay?


Container News

2M Alliance omits Hamburg on its Asia-Europe service

High yard density and long waiting time in the Port of Hamburg have forced 2M Alliance to omit the call on the major German port on its AE7/Condor service, which is included in its Far East Asia to North Europe network.

Marine Insight

Study Shows Shipping Green Hydrogen From Iceland To Rotterdam To Be Realistic Before 2030

Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland, and the Port of Rotterdam have completed a pre-feasibility study about exporting green hydrogen from Iceland to Rotterdam.


Rethinking Packaging

With a global market size hovering near $1 trillion, packaging is a vital component to the logistics industry. Continued growth of e-commerce and growing calls for more sustainability have pushed for creative and cost-efficient solutions, with focus on recyclability, reusability, compostability, and biodegradability.

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